2022 Mustang


Guide Your Exhilaration

With advanced technology in the driver’s seat, you can’t go wrong in a Mustang. Features like available SYNC® 390, SYNC 3 AppLink93 and standard Ford Co-Pilot36010 help keep you on track while testing your limits. Track Apps * add to the experience, letting you instantly view and utilize a number of performance metrics on the instrument panel.
U.S. Model Shown.
*For track use only. Not to be used under any other driving conditions. May void your vehicle’s limited warranty. See your warranty booklet for details.
A man with tattoos in the driver’s seat of a 2022 Ford Mustang Feature Style

It’s All Yours

Customize colours and choose your gauge layout with the class-exclusive*, available 12” fully configurable LCD Digital Cluster. You can also tailor each driver-selectable drive mode to get the most out of your experience behind the wheel. It’s easy to view, fast and responsive. And, like everything else in this Mustang, it’s stunning. Optional on the EcoBoost® Premium and GT Premium, standard on the Mach-1 and Shelby GT500.

U.S. Model Shown.
*Class is 300+ Horsepower Sports Cars based on Ford segmentation.


Keep Tabs on Performance

With Track Apps , performance metrics are fed to the instrument cluster in real-time. The accelerometer displays lateral and longitudinal G-forces, acceleration times and lap times, plus automatic and countdown starts. Additional features include electronic line-lock* and launch control. ** Electronic line-lock keeps the front brakes locked to warm up the rear tires while Mustang is in gear. Launch control integrates brakes, traction control and powertrain control to help ensure smooth, consistent starts.
U.S. Model Shown.
*For track use only. Not to be used under any other driving conditions. May void your vehicle’s limited warranty. See your warranty booklet for details.
**Closed track. Launch control and line-lock are intended for track use only. They should not be used on public roads. See Owner’s Manual for information on use.
Split screen of a close-up of a 2022 Ford Mustang steering wheel and a 2022 Ford Mustang with spinning tires

Ford Co-Pilot360

Ford Co-Pilot360 is now standard on all Mustang models except the Shelby GT500 . Ford Co-Pilot360 features Driver-Assist Technologies10 that can help you navigate our increasingly crowded roads and highways with greater confidence. Features included are BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert10 , Lane-Keeping System10 ,138 , Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking118 , Auto High-Beam Headlamps10 and a Rear View Camera10  .

Graphic of a 2022 Ford Mustang demonstrating Ford Co Pilot 360 driver assist feature.

U.S. Model Shown.

GT500 and Shelby are registered trademarks of the Carroll Hall Shelby Trust.

Available Ford Safe and Smart Package

This available set of driver-assist technologies includes Adaptive Cruise Control10 and a Voice-Activated Touchscreen Navigation System with pinch-to-zoom capability, SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link®.161
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Available Voice-Activated Pinch-to-Zoom Touchscreen

Combining Global Positioning System (GPS) technology with 3D mapping, the available Navigation System provides voice-guided turn-by-turn directions. Use the centre-stack LCD Touchscreen like a smartphone: Pinch-to-Zoom and swipe between apps while adaptive search tailors result’s to your preferences. SiriusXM® puts a wide range of info directly on the centre-stack. Customers who buy or lease a Ford vehicle equipped with SYNC® 390 Navigation are eligible for a 3-month trial* subscription to SiriusXM Traffic Plus and Travel Link®161. Get details like traffic speed, accidents, construction, road closures, fuel prices, parking, local movie theatre listings and so much more.

U.S. Model Shown.

*Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems when possible; don’t use handheld devices while driving. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones. Trial length and service availability may vary by model, model year or trim.

A man leaning into a 2022 Ford Mustang interior where a woman sits in the passenger seat

Available Adaptive Cruise Control10

Available Adaptive Cruise Control10 (ACC) takes conventional cruise control to a different level. With ACC, simply select the speed and distance you want to maintain from the vehicle ahead of you. When that vehicle slows down, you automatically do too; when traffic picks back up, you resume the preset speed and distance.10
U.S. Model Shown.
2022 Ford Mustang demonstrating Ford Co-Pilot 360 Adaptive Cruise Control

Speakers That Bang

Turn up the volume with the available B&O®  Sound System by Bang & Olufsen® . The B&O Sound System and architecture in the 2022 Mustang were specifically designed to create the optimum acoustic environment. With 12 powerful speakers, including unique tweeters, woofers and in-trunk subwoofer, you won’t just hear your music, you’ll experience it. It also includes a CD player and HD Radio Technology.
U.S. Model Shown.
BANG & OLUFSEN© 2022 and B&O© 2022 . BANG & OLUFSEN® and B&O® are registered trademarks of Bang & Olufsen Group. Licensed by Harman Becker Automotive Systems Manufacturing Kft. All rights reserved.
HD Radio is a proprietary trademark of iBiquity Digital Corp.
A man with tattoos behind the wheel of a 2022 Ford Mustang

FordPass App

Move smarter and easier with features to keep you connected and in control.