2022 E-Series Cutaway



Name your vocation. And rest assured a Ford E-Series Cutaway can be configured to satisfy your particular requirements. For over 60 years, the E-Series Cutaway with its rugged body-on-frame construction and strong Twin-I-Beam front suspension has provided the proven foundation for school buses, shuttle transport, ambulance service, delivery and recreational applications.
Aftermarket equipment shown.
Two construction workers near a 2022 Ford E Series Cutaway with upfit utility body
Available programmable upfitter interface module


Upfitting is easier than ever with the available factory-installed programmable Upfitter Interface Module (UIM). Using a laptop or notebook, an upfitter can connect electrical equipment to CAN buses or ports and program switches to operate aftermarket-installed equipment, such as lift buckets, cranes, salt spreaders or snowplows, with up to nine digitally configurable inputs.
Available high capacity upfitter switches


Four available User-Defined Switches (30 amp, 30 amp, 15 amp and 10 amp) with fuses and relays provide a convenient way to connect a variety of aftermarket accessories to your vehicle's electrical system. They're factory-installed and integrated into the instrument panel, so there's no need to cut into the truck's electrical system when installing accessories such as a winch, lights or a two-way radio.
A 2022 Ford E Series Cutaway with Type 3 Ambulance Body


Prep packages for vital ambulance service are offered on many Ford commercial vehicles, including the Type III E-Series Cutaway.

The Ambulance Prep Package for E-Series Cutaway, available on 138”, 158’ and 176” wheelbases, includes:


  • Dual 78-amp heavy-duty batteries
  • Auxiliary Heater/Air Conditioning Connector Package
  • Auxiliary Fuel Port
  • Limited-Slip Axle
  • Alternator- 240 (amp)
  • Front Max GAWR
  • Spare, Tire and Wheel
  • Mirrors, Telescopic Trailer Tow with Manual Adjustments
  • Vinyl headliner and sun visors
  • Two (2) exhaust heat shields mounted in mid-chassis, right-hand side for upfitter-installed frame pucks
  • Licence plate bracket
  • Badging (shipped in dunnage)
Commuter transport is another 2022 Ford E Series speciality


Shuttle buses carry people back and forth between designated locations, often at regular intervals. They frequently operate at airports and sporting events. The Shuttle Bus Prep Package is available on 138”, 158” and 176” wheelbases to accommodate a wide range of seating accommodations. It includes:


  • Exterior Upgrade Package (front chrome bumper and chrome grille)
  • Manual pedestals, seats not included
  • Power door locks and windows
  • Frame pucks (isolators – included when spacers not ordered)
  • Front licence plate bracket
  • Driver and front-passenger airbags
Aftermarket equipment shown.
A 2022 Ford E Series Cutaway with Class C Motorhome


Ford Cutaway designed for the Class C Motorhome body is available in a wide choice of GVWRs up to 14,500 lbs. (E-450 DWR)20, enabling motorhome manufacturers to closely match a recreational body to the required chassis payload capacity. What's more, the 14,500 lbs. GVWR chassis features a maximum GCWR of 22,000 lbs.20

The Motorhome Prep Package with E-350/E-450 models includes:


  • Exterior Upgrade Package
  • Power door-locks and windows
  • Manual Pedestals, seats not included
  • Cruise Control
  • Fixed antenna
  • Front license plate bracket
  • Cloth sun visors
  • Exterior mirror delete
  • Front Max GAWR (E-450 only)
  • Radio Prep Package
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System – DRW only
Aftermarket equipment shown.
A 2022 Ford E Series Cutaway with school bus body


The Type A school bus consists of a bus body built on a cutaway with a left-side driver's door, designed for carrying more than 10 passengers. School Bus Yellow exterior paint is required.

The available School Bus Prep Package includes:


  • Banded front-door glass (tinted)
  • High-back driver seat only
  • Frame pucks
  • 151 Litres Fuel Tank
  • Batteries – Dual, Heavy-Duty
  • Exterior Mirror Delete
  • Front license plate bracket
Aftermarket equipment shown.
A 2022 Ford E Series Cutaway with multifunction school bus body


The available MultiFunction School Activity Bus (MFSAB) is required by childcare providers that transport 10 or more passengers. Unlike the Type A school bus, the MFSAB doesn't require warning lights and stop arm, and is not available in yellow exterior colour.
The MultiFunction School Activity Bus Prep Package, available on 138- and 158-inch wheelbases, includes:


  • Banded front glass door (tinted)
  • High-back driver seat only
  • Frame pucks
  • 151-litre fuel tank
  • Dual heavy-duty batteries
  • Exterior mirror delete
  • Front license plate bracket
Aftermarket equipment shown.


The Built Ford Tough® E-Series Cutaway offers everything you need to take care of business. And with the available Exterior Upgrade Package, you add an element of style with front chrome bumper and chrome grille.
Aftermarket equipment shown.
A 2022 Ford E Series Cutaway with upfit utility body